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Workplaces Respond to Domestic & Sexual Violence

Regional and National Initiatives

Adapted from Domestic Violence: A Union Issue. A Workplace Training Resource Kit for Unions.1

Unions can lend their political influence and leverage to support local, state or national initiatives that make a difference for members affected by domestic and sexual violence and stalking. For example, some unions have testified at city government hearings to demonstrate their support for legal protections for working women who are victims of violence.

Passage of union resolutions related to domestic and sexual violence at conventions, or other forums such as the central labor council or state AFL-CIO, give visibility to an otherwise invisible problem. Provisions could promote actions that include the following:

  • Provide education to members, shop stewards, officers, executive boards, and union staff about domestic and sexual violence and stalking
  • Negotiate contract language for job security and other related benefits for victims
  • Support funding for community-based services for victims
  • Lobby for legislative initiatives to ensure economic independence for victims, such as protection from employment discrimination, leave provisions, and access to unemployment insurance benefits

  1. Urban, B.Y. & Wagner, K.C. (2000). Domestic Violence: A Union Issue. A Workplace Training Resource Kit for Unions. San Francisco, CA: The Family Violence Prevention Fund. (415) 252-8900.

Partner Organizations Futures Without Violence (formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund), Legal Momentum, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and its National Sexual Violence Resource Center, National Sexual Assault Coalition Resource Sharing Project (RSP) of the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault, American Bar Association Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence, Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, Victim Rights Law Center, and Stalking Resource Center: A Program of The National Center for Victims of Crime.

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