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Sexual Harassment & Violence

Resources for Advocates

Communities rely upon advocates to connect victims to the help they need, and assist local employers with cutting-edge prevention and response efforts.

Model Workplace Trainings

As part of its Low Wage, High Risk pilot site project, Workplaces Respond developed interactive trainings tailored for the restaurant, agriculture, and healthcare industries. These trainings, which embrace the latest in adult learning methods and are intended to be part of a holistic program, address the broad spectrum of gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.

Top 10 Things Unions Can Do

Unions were established to promote dignity, equality, and respect for all workers. As such, unions have an important role to play in creating safer, and more supportive and accountable workplaces. Unions are in a unique position: they have the power to influence how employers address harassment in workplaces where they have collective bargaining relationships or where they are organizing. Click here for practices that unions could adopt right now to address sexual harassment in America’s workplaces, which were developed in collaboration with United Way Worldwide Labor Engagement.