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Sexual Harassment & Violence

Resources for Employers

Consider replacing boilerplate policies and one-off trainings with a holistic program focused on prevention, support, respect, and equity.

Top 10 Things Employers Can Do

Odds are employees you work with have been victims of sexual harassment at some point in their work life. Click here for 10 tangible ways to create a better, safer workplace.

Model Workplace Trainings

As part of its Low Wage, High Risk pilot site project, Workplaces Respond developed interactive trainings tailored for the restaurant, agriculture, and healthcare. These trainings, which embrace the latest in adult learning methods and are intended to be part of a holistic program, address the broad spectrum of gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.

How-To: Workplace Climate Surveys

A well-executed workplace climate survey process lays the foundation for a tailored response and prevention program. Also, thorough and holistic climate surveys signal that your organization recognizes the disparities that facilitate harassment and violence, and intends to hold harassers accountable.