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The latest news on the impact of domestic and sexual violence, trafficking, and stalking and updates from our National Resource Center.

December 7, 2017 Videos

How Society Silences Victims of Sexual Harassment

Think Progress: In what seems like a turning point for America, more and more public figures are being outed as serial harassers. But what does this look like in the workplaces with less public scrutiny where every day Americans are still experiencing harassment?

The Top 10 Things Unions Can Do Right Now to Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Unions were established to promote dignity, equality, and respect for all workers. As such, unions have an important role to play in creating safer, and more supportive and accountable workplaces. Unions are in a unique position: they have the power to influence how employers address harassment in workplaces where they have collective bargaining relationships or where they are organizing.

October 27, 2017 Articles


If someone asked me #HowIWillChange when I first joined FUTURES and the movement to end gender-based violence, I would have responded “I don’t need to change. I’m a black and gay civil rights attorney. I know something about oppression and violence.”

October 12, 2017 Articles

What Does A Typical Sexual Harasser Look Like? We Don’t Know.

Like clockwork, as one workplace sexual harassment scandal fades from the news, another story emerges to take its place. The contours are generally the same: a powerful man, whether it’s at Uber, at Fox News or in Hollywood, sexually harasses his colleagues for decades and faces no real repercussions until his behavior makes the headlines.

Honoring Workers This Labor Day and Ending Sexual Violence

We are proud to work with a coalition of anti-violence advocates, union leaders, worker advocates and women worker leaders—the Ya Basta! Coalition—to advance the workplace safety and dignity of women and other workers vulnerable to experiencing sexual violence and harassment in the janitorial industry, and improve conditions for all workers.

I'm looking for resources as a...


Survivor or Co-Worker