What Can Unions Do to Prevent and Respond to Workplace Violence?

Unions have a key role to play in helping create safe, resilient workplaces.

Union Responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence, and Stalking

Adapted from “Domestic Violence: A Union Issue. A Workplace Training Kit for Unions”, Urban, B.Y. & Wagner, K.C. (2000), San Francisco, CA: Futures Without Violence.

Unions around the country in various industries have been leading efforts to address workplace violence for decades. Some unions have pledged to address domestic and sexual violence as a part of their social justice and political agenda. Others have led the way by developing innovative educational materials and training programs, for union staff, officers and their members.

Central labor councils and unions have passed resolutions in support of union efforts to fight domestic and sexual violence through education, collective bargaining and political action. Other unions have joined with domestic and sexual violence experts and elected officials in city and state governments to support legislative initiatives to expand protections and services for working women who experience domestic and sexual violence.

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