Initial Evaluation of Workplace Program

Workplaces can take steps toward establishing a comprehensive workplace program by evaluating current efforts to address domestic and sexual violence and stalking.

Evaluation of Workplace Program

This Questionnaire asks a number of specific questions that will be helpful to evaluate workplaces both large and small, public and private. The Questionnaire facilitates the identification of specific changes and the creation of plans for implementing them, including:

  • Creation of a workplace team
  • Creation and implementation of changes to policy/practice/procedure
  • Raising awareness among staff about the workplace impact of violence and available response/assistance
  • Connecting to local community resources

Note that the Questionnaire has separate checkboxes for domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking. Although these forms of violence may arise from the same types of circumstances and frequently co-occur, they also differ in important ways and may require a distinct workplace response. To better understand these distinctions, please see Why Is Gender-Based Violence a Workplace Issue?