Monitoring and Evaluating Workplace Programs

Workplaces may implement a variety of strategic actions to address domestic and sexual violence. Evaluating and monitoring these programs is critical to determine if these actions are effective.

Monitoring and Evaluating

Monitoring is a normal management function and it is important to evaluate how consistently new procedures are being implemented. Take these three steps:

Step 1: Begin a process for regular monitoring of workplace responses to domestic and sexual violence by using the Questionnaire provided below as a guideline.

Step 2: Monitor workplace responses on an ongoing basis through an annual review of domestic and sexual violence prevention and response measures.

Any type of monitoring or evaluation will depend heavily on written records, as described in the Annual Review Checklist. It is crucial that any individual, detailed records relevant to domestic and sexual violence incidents are kept in a confidential place and not shared with personnel who are not involved in security or management roles.

Step 3: Formally evaluate strategic measures such as policies and procedures, training, services for employees, and safety and security mechanisms.