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Resources for Employers or Managers

Domestic and sexual violence and stalking affect millions of workers in the U.S.. We’re here to help employers understand the importance of addressing these issues and to collaborate on how to develop policies that work for their workplace. Every workplace is different, and there’s no one-size fits all approach. This resource center has the tools you’ll need to develop comprehensive programs so your workplace can both prevent and respond to domestic and sexual violence, and stalking.

Survivors with Disabilities and Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence

Sample Domestic Violence Training Content for Employees

Incident Prevention and Response Strategies

Why Is Gender-Based Violence a Workplace Issue?

Role of Human Resources & Employee Assistance Programs

Organizational Resources and State Laws

Formal Evaluation of Strategic Efforts

Annual Review Checklist

Questionnaire: Initial Evaluation of Workplace Program 

Monitoring and Evaluating Workplace Programs

Sample Domestic Violence Training Content for Supervisors and Managers

Tips for Effective Workplace Education

Guide for Supervisors

How to Create an Education Program

Safety Card For Employees

Ending Gender-Based Violence in the World of Work in the United States (Solidarity Center, FUTURES & AFL-CIO)

Workplace Toolkit

Reimagining Workplace Safety (FUTURES)

Video: Workplace Violence Prevention (Teens Lead @ Work)