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Research & Reports

Digging Deep Into Our Movements: Strategies to Stop Gender-Based Violence Against Chicago’s Low-Wage Workers (Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence, Healing to Action & Roosevelt University Policy Research Collaborative)

Lifetime Economic Burden of Rape Among U.S. Adults (American Journal of Preventive Medicine)

Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect (AFL-CIO)

Ending Gender-Based Violence in the World of Work in the United States (Solidarity Center, FUTURES & AFL-CIO)

The Human Trafficking Of Domestic Workers In The United States (Beyond Survival Campaign)

Intersections of Stalking and Economic Security (Institute for Women’s Policy Research)

Spotlight on Women of Color (Institute for Women’s Policy Research)

Undervalued and Underpaid in America: Women in Low-Wage, Female-Dominated Jobs (Institute for Women’s Policy Research)

Reimagining Workplace Safety (FUTURES)

Workplace Homicides Among U.S. Women: The Role of Intimate Partner Violence (Annals of Epidemiology)